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Green Pallet Program

A&M Pallets is innovative when it comes to logistics, specializing in the recycling, reconditioning and distribution of wood pallets to and from the manufacturing and retail sectors. Since every year approximately 2.1 billion wooden pallets are in circulation in the United States we came up with a system to procure and recycle the used wood.

A&M Pallets focuses on pallet recycling and the surrounding supply chain logistics services – including pallet procurement, repair, sorting and retrieval solutions. It gives our clients the flexibility to have a complete green experience and 360-degree control over pallets management. With the market share of new pallets in decline, the Green Pallet program business is advancing significantly.

Pallet Pickup

We can arrange to drop a trailer off at your facility, which you can use to store damaged or unneeded pallets. This simplifies pallet pick up, as the trailer facilitates wooden pallet disposal, wooden pallet recycling and wooden pallet repair. When they’re full, we’ll pick-up the trailer within 24 hours. A&M Pallets will pay you for all qualifying pallets that are removed from your facility minus transportation/sorting cost.


Pallet Disposal

A&M Pallets is your best resource for wooden pallet disposal. If you want to sell off your used pallets, we pay top dollar in the industry. Our wooden pallet disposal is much cheaper than having your excess pallets carried away in a dumpster, and better for our environment as well.

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