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Pallet Pick-up


Pick-up Program

Pallet Pickup/Disposal

We can arrange a drop off a trailer at your facility, which you can use to store damaged or disposable pallets. This simplifies pallet pick up, as the trailer facilitates wooden pallet disposal, wooden pallet recycling and wooden pallet repair. When they’re full, we’ll pick-up the trailer within 48 hours. A&M Pallets will pay you for all qualifying pallets that are removed from your facility. Our wooden pallet disposal is much cheaper than having your excess pallets carried away in a dumpster, and better for our environment as well.


Small quantity Pick up

Our small pick-up is usually 100 pallets or more. It must be loaded live so please have the pallets ready and stacked roughly 20 high. Also, there must be a forklift available along with the driver to load us upon arrival. The usual time for loading on site is 45 minutes.


Big quantity Pick up

For quantity of 500 and more pallets on monthly basis. Please call us and we can set up our trailer swap program. For more information please call us or contact us at:

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