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  • Murtaza Ali

A&M Pallets: Extensive Approach for Environmental Concerns

Toxic elements in the environment either disposed off or eliminated as operational requirements cause serious damage to the ozone layer. The consequent effect is multiplying the effect of global warming adding on to the depleting trend of the global balance, climate and peace. A&M Pallets is one organization which has gone to extensive lengths to ensure that environmentally friendly products along with safe procedures for their disposal are arranged.

Many times we hear unfortunate events in which disposal of certain materials and chemicals caused clogging of certain drainages and water streams which contaminates the whole vicinity multiplying the danger to the surroundings and people manifolds. Here at A&M Pallets we want to offer this assurance to our stakeholders that we certainly take into account the minutest detail of disposal and wastage. All the chemicals used in the manufacturing and residue are managed professionally with proper arenas arranged for their disposal.

We are firm believers of having a calculated detail of the percentage of waste that needs to be disposed off and hence cater to it as our environmental friendly policy. Similarly pallets after manufacturing and delivery do not necessary mean that the remainder is recycled and we do realize that our end customers sometimes dispose them off in a not very ethic ways.

For that we at A&M Pallets take pride that these pallets do not contain any menacing element which acts as a threat to the environment. Our pallets contain the wood of the finest form which enables a quick recycle and effective re use. However even if that not done there are certainly no fumes or decay which adds on to the garbage of the mother earth.

It is this clarification and information we want to provide our stakeholders with to the extensiveness of thought we put to our environmental concerns.

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